I'm your typical fun-loving, no-nonsense, Georgia peach. I'm also a proud military wife and a dog mom to two wild huskies. Let's have fun and share some smiles together!


Live life            and          ,
give thanks to those who allow us to



Photography has been a beautiful journey I never imagined I’d get to experience, but I love the ride it’s taken me on so far.

I have been obsessed with the idea of being a photographer since I came across a family photographer’s blog back in 2005. I was utterly mind blown that people got paid to take pictures of adorable children. Like, WHAT? THAT’S A THING? Never thought that 17 years later it would be MY THING. A thing that would never have happened if it weren’t for my incredibly supportive husband. May his wallet and his sanity rest in peace. 

In my downtime, if I'm not cozied up on my couch with a cup of coffee, then I'm probably cozied up on a friend's couch with a glass of wine. I have an irrational fear of flying (basically a full-on phobia) which can be difficult for a girl who loves to travel. I don’t let it stop me but though! Most of the time, when it's possible, you can catch me driving. Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Illinois - my rearview mirror has seen it all. If you were to hop in my passenger seat on one of those trips, chances are that we're listening to "Broadway's Greatest Hits”, which I sing and act out loudly and proudly.

My primary love languages are words of encouragement and quality time, so think of me as your hype girl and newfound supportive lifelong friend. I am truly grateful you are here.

- Melinda


tillie & james

 Tillie and James were their names, but Nana and Papa were their game. Hi! Self-proclaimed favorite granddaughter here! I only had the pleasure of knowing these two for 16 short years but the impact these incredible people had on me will be lifelong. I am grateful to have known them, loved them, be loved by them, and witness their love.

My words could never do them justice, but I sure hope my work does. Nana and Papa, this one's for you!

In a profession where most people use their own name to brand their business, everyone is always confused when I tell them my name isn't Tillie and I am a one woman show (sorry James)